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Drip Trays

A particularly clever, space-saving and inexpensive way of heat supply for the house is more interesting: the heater in the attic!

This has many advantages:

  • There is no need for a separate boiler room. The heater can be placed in a small side room behind a panel, it can also be mounted behind an open wall in an attic or in a niche in the stairwell.
  • The exhaust pipe is very simple and inexpensive. There is no need for a chimney, but only one exhaust pipe. This allows for potentially significant cost savings. In the basement there is enough space arises.
  • A solar collector system to be integrated optimally, since both systems are then sealed together. The hot water does not have to be guided through the housing to the attic. This saves energy pumps and unnecessary energy losses are then avoided.
  • In flood prone areas is the heating in the attic is the safest.

In addition to these indisputable advantages something must not be forgotten!

If a leaking screw connection or bracket in the boiler water is sufficient to cause damage. Dripping water is often only recognized when all of the penetrated ceiling or wall moistened is.Helaas there are no binding requirements for the installation of so-called drip trays which can prevent much of the damage.

Some insurance companies have already reacted and refuse to give home insurance if the heating system is not installed on the top floor and there is no preventative security was purchased like a MKR drip tray.

Material properties of the MKR Drip Trays
impact strength in accordance with DIN no rupture
bonding strength in accordance with DIN no rupture
melting temperature in accordance with DIN high flexibility
continuous load 130º Celsius
ultraviolet radiation (UV) minus 100 ° C to plus 80 ° C
mineral fats and oils resistant
alkalis resistant
acids resistant
petrol resistant
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